Innovative Value Proposition Propels Y-Own! Into The Global Arena

Y-Own! plays a leading role in facilitating higher business-trading volumes and high-value transactions among global suppliers, manufacturers and consumers through Singapore. Leveraging Singapore’s advanced IT, logistics and financial infrastructure, this trading and global e-procurement affiliate of YCH Group has established Singapore as its regional base to generate global trade through its applications, solutions and technological network in sectors such as eCommerce and electronics.

Y-Own! harnesses an innovative supply chain financing model, which improves customers’ cashflow through asset securitisation. Customers, be it manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, or retailers, are also able to strengthen their financial position with the immediate activation of the financial settlement transaction when inventories reach the consumers or appointed destinations through Y-Own!. Through this innovative solution, Y-Own!  will manage a virtual marketplace for the trading of parts, components, and finished goods, creating a win-win-win synergy among all business trading partners through integration of the physical, information and financial supply chains.