Electronics & Technology

From Many to One

YCH Group have been supporting the region’s growth as a manufacturing hub since the 1990s. With Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), our award-winning solutions enabled seamless manufacturing logistics for our renowned multi-national company clients and their global suppliers, culminating in our 7PL™ (4PL + 3PL) approach. The transformation is not only through IT but also through process re-engineering.

With the ability to “buy anywhere, make anywhere, store anywhere, sell anywhere”, it allows brand owners to optimise inventory holding and minimise any shortage solution. Visibility on inventory aging and delivery orders also helped track movement of high-cost components to prevent overstocking, and reduce risks of shipment delay or missed commitment caused by component shortages.

With YCH Group’s customised solutions and system capabilities, real-time visibility is achieved for all stakeholders in the value chain for execution of physical, information and financial flows.