Y-Track™ & FreightConnector™

Y-Track™, our web-based global track and trace system, is incorporated to our freight management services to provide our customers with end-to-end visibility in tracking shipments via the Internet. The system provides one central point of control and it is capable of managing the addition of new routes and destinations.

The YCH FreightConnector™ provides user an access to the simplest shipment booking system with competitive rates from multiple Carriers/Agents. It also provides customers with a comprehensive shipment tracking and reporting capabilities.

The FreightConnector™ is an interactive multi-modal, internet-based supply chain management tool that allows customers to create shipment bookings over the internet. This system allows the shipper to make, search, and edit bookings, irrespective of time, day, and location, all over the Internet. The booking program is simple to use with point-and-click ability and drop down menus to enhance speed and accuracy. User can create templates for their regular shipments covering repetitive information, such as point of origin, destination, carrier, and key contact personnel to minimized data entry for each booking.

With the FreightConnector™ online Shipment Tracking system user can track the status as well as the history of your shipments from the job level down to the individual SKU level anywhere in the world. The system allows the user to search by their Booking references, the Forwarders reference, House and Master Air Waybill numbers, Bill of Lading numbers, Container/Trailer numbers, Purchase Order Numbers or the date ranges.

The reporting module in the FreightConnector™ allows customers to directly access to shipment booking history, Shipping Reports, PO status Reports as well as customized alerts and KPIs reports.