Founded in 1955, YCH began as a modest passenger transportation company known as Yap Chwee Hock Transport and General Contractors. However, crisis struck and the family business was forced to transform the business in the 1970s. This marked the start of the company’s venture into the cargo transportation business, which subsequently grew to include extended supply chain and logistics services such as warehousing and freight management.

Today, YCH is Singapore’s largest home-grown supply chain solutions company and leading regional supply chain management partner to many of the world’s leading brands across Asia Pacific.


At YCH, we practise a collaborative culture of kinship and inclusivity as we grow from strength-to-strength across the Asia Pacific region. We share and help one another along in our journey towards supply chain excellence. We strongly believe in the very best of family-like bonds – tight, strong and most importantly, unbreakable.

We embrace diversity. YCHees (YCH employees for short) are an eclectic mix of talents with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets. When we combine their individual strengths, it results in a truly formidable team.

YCH is a dynamic organization guided by strategic vision coupled with responsiveness to changes in the business environment.

  • Strong focus on knowledge sharing, open communication & meritocracy
  • Autonomy and a risk-taking culture where YCHees are inspired to try and learn
  • Developing each and every YCHee to their fullest potential
  • Celebrating achievements as an Extended Family Enterprise

We encourage our team to make decisions, take risks and experience the success or failure of their decisions. We want a responsive team of talented individuals that exude passion and take extreme pride in their success or learn profusely from their mistake.- Executive Chairman, Dr Robert Yap