Chemicals & Healthcare

The Client: The leading European Specialty Chemicals Company.


To undergo total outsourcing of non-core-competent logistics functions to LLP, including transfer of ownership of assets, equipment and staff.

The SCM Strategy:

A consolidated regional supply chain fulfillment network, which grew from 1 country to 6, while at the same time optimizing the fulfillment of goods from production to customers, and reducing logistics cost


  • Lower Regional Inventory Pipeline
  • Consolidation of Regional DC
  • Consistent & Integrated Pipeline
  • e2e Fulfillment Partner
  • Scaleable Supply Chain Model
  • Free up working capital from Logistics Asset transfer to LLP
  • Going Where You Want To Be™

The Client: Global Leader in Specialty & Fine Chemicals

  • World’s leading supplier of vitamins and fine chemicals to the feed, food pharma and cosmetic industries.
  • Regional Hub Located in Singapore
  • Global sales of 2.2 billion Euros


  • To conduct feasibility study and develop VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Temp & RH Controlled Hub
  • To optimise capacity utilisation and operational fluidity via warehouse layout and design
  • To ensure compliance with global quality standards


  • Feasibility study and proposal adopted by client.
  • Project management successfully executed
  • Improved TAT and capacity / resource (Manpower & Eqpt) utilisation rates

The Client: Leading dye chemical Global MNC

  • Global sales revenue above EUR 1 billion
  • Industry leader with 33% market share
  • Complex supply chain network over 100 countries


  • To strategise the optimal hub network design in Asia Pacific Region
  • To study and develop plans for client to reduce operating cost
  • To evaluate and conceive programmes to help client improve KPIs and customer service level


Developed plan and programme for client to improve resource utilisation by consolidating major hubs. Effective consolidation enabling a more responsive system towards customer order fulfillment and reduce total operating cost by 15-20%