Cold Chain

Supporting the Growth of Singapore Enterprises

The Client is a homegrown Institutional Catering Services Company (NTUC Food Fare) providing a range of food services to corporates (Government/Non-Government) and consumers. Previously, the Client managed the warehouse operations while outsourcing outbound deliveries to a third-party logistics provider. As the company grew, they experienced operational inefficiencies, inventory discrepancies and a storage crunch. With the vision of being a best-in-class social enterprise and market leader, they tapped on YCH Group, with its extensive range of best-in-class solutions and distribution networks to enhance the scalability of their business.

YCH Group worked closely with the Client to learn about the existing supply chain and processes, and identified the consolidation of warehousing and logistics operations as a business growth enabler. Leveraging on years of supply chain operations excellence, YCH integrated its world-class warehouse management system with the Client’s procurement system, increasing the visibility of inventory movement and levels with minimal disruption to existing processes. Our delivery fleets provided assurance of reliable outbound delivery and temperature control of food products to the delivery destinations. The warehouse and fleet operations were successfully handed over within a month of the contract award, a testament to our commitment to adapt to the customer’s growth needs.

The implementation of YCH Group’s technology and processes delivered a return on investment. The Client saw an increased operational efficiency, reduced material handling effort by 20% and reduction of food wastage through a First-Expire-First-Out system. The highly scalable operations enabled them to handle fluctuations in stock with less disruptions, and take on new customers with confidence on delivery fulfilment. For example, we met their delivery requirements for Food grade, Halal, and non-Halal trucking within 2 days of their winning a customer contract to serve nursing homes in Singapore. They could readily take on other opportunities such as overseas export of cooked meal, and deliveries to residences.

As the world integrates and connects through the rapid advancement of technology, the virtual distance between each region of the world is becoming smaller. However, the physical partition between these same regions of the world remains to be of critical importance. Freights are in a highly vulnerable position while being delivered across long distances through complicated transport operations. In particular, perishables such as food products are at high risk of being damaged through improper temperature changes. Their freshness and quality degrades over time, but this could be easily alleviated through lower temperatures. As such, many businesses in the food, pharmaceutical and medical industries seek for a reliable partner in the cold chain to deliver and distribute their goods.

Introducing Igloo Supply Chain™. The brand is one of the most endorsed cold chains in Southeast Asia, with its state-of-the-art, multi-temperature controlled facilities that are committed to handling the logistics requirement of domestic and international manufacturers, processors, retail and food operators. Recognized by the industry for reliability and innovation, Igloo has won accolades such as “Regional Best Cold Storage Plant in the ‘AAA’ Category” (NCR) and ‘AAA’ accredited cold facility (Department of Agriculture).

YCH emphasizes on high level of quality control and safe food handling in the area of cold chain operation. Igloo continues to grow from strength to strength as it sets the standard for being a reliable and dependable partner in the Asia Pacific region.

With an advanced cold storage facility, Igloo is able to help increase productivity and efficiency for its customers through sophisticated WMS (warehouse management system) as well as a team of well trained personnel and staff. Igloo’s vast experience and expertise guarantees full understanding of its customers’ needs and requirements, resulting in the execution of customer-linked Standard Operating Procedures and Key Performance Indicators thus providing for long term collaboration and commitments.

With a range of temperature-controlled facilities and reefer trucks, YCH supports the cold chains of agricultural, food processing, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical customers requiring:

  • Blast Freezing
  • Chiller, Refrigeration or Freezer Facilities
  • Precise temperature and Humidity Control
  • Trucking and Distribution
  • In-vehicle temperature monitoring
  • Cross Docking
  • Other Value-Added Services (i.e. Product Sorting, Repacking and more.)

Strategically located inside the Manggahan Light Industrial Park with a land area of more than 9,000 sqm and a capacity of 9,400 pallet positions distributed over 3 terminals, it is within the immediate radius of all major commercial centres of Metro Manila, thereby achieving efficiency in transportation, distribution and fleet maintenance.

Our Supply Chain Promise

  • Asia-centric partnership focused on collaborative growth
  • Seamless connectivity through cross-border fulfilment and global reach
  • Quality assurance, Product safety and security
  • Innovative tools for B2B and B2C distribution
  • Global supplier hub management
  • Highly flexible & customizable solutions