E-commerce Solutions (Quick!e)

E-commerce allows any businesses to market their products across borders to consumers around the globe. However, not every business has the capabilities to deliver their products into their consumer’s hands in a timely and reliable manner. In fact, the secret to customer loyalty and satisfaction is often established in post-purchase – specifically shipping and delivery.

With in-depth networks and decades of experience in consumer fulfilment (both B2B and B2C) across the Asia Pacific region servicing world-class customers, YCH has been continuously strengthening our consolidation and distribution capabilities to support the rapid growth in e-Commerce fulfilment. Since 2003, YCH has been providing merging solutions, call centre management and electronic Proof-of-delivery (ePOD) to enhance regional scalability through e-commerce deliveries.

Adding to the portfolio, YCH's latest solution, Quick!e is a proprietary plug-and-play e-Commerce platform that provides a highly sophisticated track-and-trace system to boost product security, seamless connectivity and on-time deliveries. Tapping on The Last Mile (TLM) solution that YCH has already rolled out in various Asian countries, YCH is able to empower businesses with proactive visibility and game-changing capabilities, including the enhancement of our customers' own operational efficiencies through fusing consumer analytics with YCH's state-of-the-art supply chain technologies.

The internet generation has produced a new breed of consumers with sophisticated demands. Getting finished goods to them as quickly as their tastes evolve becomes a priority. And at YCH, we take this very seriously. Harnessing the power of internet and cutting-edge technologies, Quick!e ensures that the fulfilment capabilities of renowned brand owners are as strong as their marketing campaigns through:

  • Secured and Safe Storage Warehousing
  • Track-and-Trace System
  • Customer Tracking Information
  • Accurate Order Fulfilment
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Operational Efficiencies Optimization

From network optimization to customized program management and continuous technological and process innovation, YCH is committed in striding forward to shift paradigms in supply chain.

Our Supply Chain Promise

  • Asia-centric partnership focused on collaborative growth
  • Seamless connectivity through cross-border fulfilment and global reach
  • Quality assurance, Product safety and security
  • Innovative tools for B2B and B2C distribution
  • Global supplier hub management
  • Highly flexible & customizable solutions